Monday, March 29, 2010

Needle Through Brick – Straight to the Heart

Needle Through Brick – It’s FINALLY out on DVD!
This great documentary from Season of Light Pictures was originally titled: The Fighting Arts of Borneo. If you are a hardcore traditional Chinese martial arts practitioner, this documentary speaks directly to you.

This was slated to come out in 2007 after making the rounds in the Indie Film Festival circuit. We all waited with anticipation after seeing the trailer on YouTube, and then… (2008 came and went) and then… (2009 came and went) and then… until now. But, it was well worth the wait.

It’s a well-paced, well-edited documentary spotlighting Malaysia’s pockets of aging “crouching tigers and hidden dragons” descending from Chinese martial expatriates who escaped from the Chinese Communist Party’s control of mainland China in 1949. Faced with the prospect of an untimely and unfortunate demise of their arts due to the overwhelming circumstances of modernization, these unsung, everyday masters struggle between past experiences of “eating bitter” to achieve their Kung Fu, present indifferences toward their passions and pursuits, and an uncertain future with regard not only to traditional Chinese martial arts, but more so toward the culture and customs of a people.

For those of you familiar with his efforts, Master Eric Ling – whose chronicles of Malaysian Chinese martial arts masters has been a staple on YouTube for the past several years, has a big role in this documentary. His Fujian White Crane fighting skills are impeccable.

With the younger generation, it is through the athletic and aesthetic appeal of modern wushu that a glimpse of traditional Chinese martial arts survives. It is with hope and wishful thinking that a handful of these youthful devotees will look for the deeper meaning of what they do by reaching out to these elder warriors for the wisdom and understanding to comprehend the true essence of Kung Fu as a survival art in every sense of the term.

Needle Through Brick is an important look at how traditional Chinese martial arts is enduring not only in Malaysia, but throughout the entire world today.

Available on today!

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